Your consent to the shooting means that you are familiar with my portfolio and my style of shooting and agree that shooting, selecting photos for processing, and subsequent retouching of the pictures should be carried out in my own style, and also accept the conditions listed below.

I can use some photos in my portfolio to visually demonstrate the final product to my future customers and carry out my advertising activities.

The exceptions are newborns and pregnancy photo shoots. They are published when mother tells me the good news about the birth of a child and her health. In other cases, the practice is as everywhere else — if you do not want your photos to be published on the Internet, let me know right away, the total cost in such cases is + 50% of the already declared price.

We can shoot in full and strict confidentiality — no one will ever see the photographs, but also will not know that the photo shoot took place at all.

Please familiarize yourself with the Model Release, which is MANDATORY for signing in all tariffs (EXCEPT the VIP tariff or when paying 50% for the service of confidentiality of shooting and the ban on my use of my photos as an author).


I give the full and exclusive right to the photographer Georgy Shakhnazaryan to publish my photographs in which I am depicted (a), in whole or in part, in color or not, under or without my fictitious name.

I have read the official instagram of the photographer @George.TLV and the website and his photographs, the style of shooting and processing. Therefore, I authorize the processing of my photographs, retouching, darkening, distortion and alteration of the image, the use of optical illusions used in the compositions, both intentionally and unintentionally in the process of preparing the publication of the final version of the photograph at the discretion of the photographer as he always does.

I will not interfere with the author’s right to publish my photographs.

If the photo session was on the terms of the TFP (mutual cooperation without payment), I undertake to indicate the name of the photographer and / or a link to his social networks.

I hereby certify that I am of legal age (s) and I have every right to sign this agreement.

I confirm that I am fully familiar with the above mentioned permission, version and agreement prior to signing.

Name and Surname:

ID or passport number:



To book the shoot requires 25% deposit («pre pay») of the total cost:

  • Cash payment,
  • Bank transfer (Israeli banks only),
  • Money transfer (convenient if there are no bank cards: GMT, Western Union, MoneyGram, Contact, GoldenCrown)
  • PayPal (register your bank card on the site and make a transfer).

Prepayment is non-refundable. Date can be agreed upon with the photographer, but no later than 24 hours before the shooting date.

The rest of the 75% is paid on the day of shooting.

Photos will be sent back in up to 30 days. It happens that I able to do it earlier (10-14 days), in any case, I will immediately contact you.

URGENTLY ORDERING QUALITY ONLINE is possible — plus 50% of the cost. (within 1-2 days)

You get a high-quality end product in electronic form through a file hosting service or Google Drive. But if necessary, I will send it by e-mail or even put it to a USB flash drive.))

Want more photos than those included in the tariff packages?

Additional processing of photographs or the provision of all captured raw material in JPG format is an additional service and is provided for a fee. Please discuss this in advance — before or immediately after the photo shoot. This way I will save all the source codes for you and I can send them to you along with the photos that I have selected and processed.